Home Kit Surveys

See the English, Spanish and Student Surveys Below. Please fill the appropriate one out and submit it. If you want to download a survey and submit it through email (rbarrios@kdna.org) go to the bottome of the page to find the forms. Thank You!

English Home Kit Survey

    Yes Past Knowledge
    No Past Knowledge

    Yes Listen
    No Listen

    Yes Know Someone
    No Know Someone

    Spanish Home Kit Survey

      Sí sabía de opioides
      No sabía sobre los opioides

      Sí, Escuchar KDNA
      No, Escuchar KDNA

      Sí, conozco a alguien
      No, yo conozco a alguien

      Student Home Kit Survey

        Yes I Knew About Opioids
        No I Knew About Opioids

        Yes I Know Someone
        No I Know Someone

        Yes I Listen to KDNA
        No I Listen to KDNA